Bridge Programs


Many of our clients feel powerless, floating on turbulent seas of intolerance, harsh judgments and fear. They often leave prison with literally nothing but the clothes on their back.

We have created safe and secure havens both within and beyond the institutions. These are places where we are most able to respond to the pain and brokenness of feeling alone and abandoned. Ours is a “caring and compassionate community’ that actually puts it’s faith to work. After all, “faith without works is dead”.

Over the years our programs have developed, diversified and grown in order to meet many changing needs. However, our original vision of developing non-professional relationships with inmates and assisting them to re-integrate safely back into society remains true and strong.

While THE BRIDGE functions primarily within Peel Region, providing services and programs in local correctional facilities, the scope and areas of our Ministry are much larger, incorporating many community resources and partnerships throughout the GTA and surrounding areas.

THE BRIDGE serves three distinctly separate, yet interdependent, offender needs; representing the two corresponding pillars of a bridge and the span that bridges between.   As well we actively work to be a useful contributing and engaged community partner: