Thank You

Dear Garry,

I know that I have thanked you many times for the great assistance you and the other members of THE BRIDGE have given me, and I sincerely hope to be of assistance in any way I can to return the favor. As you know when I was released from jail I went directly to the shelter. After 2 months of searching I was unable to obtain work of any kind. There were too many other people waiting on the phones, and calls from potential employers were not passed on to me. After all no one wanted to hire someone whose phone number and return address were at the local shelter.

Although I received an assistance cheque of $250.00, enough for a small room and some toiletries for two weeks it was no time at all before I was homeless and living in the park and on God’s good humor. I was given your phone number and you must remember where you picked me up from on that cold rainy night and returned me to a warm bed of sorts at the shelter. With your assistance I received a cheque of $1000. and was able to obtain lodgings with a phone readily available on Nov. 7th. On Nov. 8th I registered for work with a local agency and started working on Nov. 9th ! Without your intervention none of this could have happened. Your intervention on my behalf with local Police and Probation are of incalculable value which has allowed me to “walk the difficult path of the straight and narrow” until I could count myself a success again, and stand on my own two feet.

I am enclosing a few pictures of my old camping spots (a cardboard box) in case you may find them of service to aid you in obtaining funds for your endeavors or explaining the need for ongoing support for THE BRIDGE program.

Best Regards: J. W. 2003  (Still Doing Well)

  • THE BRIDGE Group was, and is, so important to me at so many levels. I can relate to the topics and the volunteers are just fabulous and caring. I don’t think I’d be as mentally and emotionally healthy as I could be if I had not attended.” D.R. – 2006
  • I have started a new Beginning in my life with BRIDGE and it is helping me to learn about how I can live in the community and with my family. Paul W – 2005
  • Thank you so much for your gift of a “Discharge Kit” and travel bag. I thought I was going leave prison with all my possessions a garbage bag. Thanks to you I can leave all my garbage behind.  Darren – 2008
  • I would like to Thank You for the wonderful supplies that you provided me with. It was extremely touching and kind hearted to be given help like that.   Kyle G – 2009