Institutional Programs

InstitutionalOur institutional programs, especially within the Ontario Correctional Institute, are based on the principles of a justice that is restorative challenging old ideas and attitudes. Our programs hold the offender accountable and focus on a sincere desire for restoration, on-going recovery and personal change. Our purpose is simple: to create healthy, honest relationships that will extend into an individual’s community life, further enhancing their chances for success.

We also wish that our direct and honest approach might offer a degree of hope for the variety of victims every offender creates, including: family, friends, employers, and society at large.

Programs available within Institutions for Adult Males

  • Individual visits – by request
  • Pen-Pal letters
  • Re-Integration Planning
  • Discharge Kits
  • Arts & Crafts

Programs available within the Ontario Correctional Institute

  • THE BRIDGE Group – Thursdays 7:00 PM
  • BRIDGE Celebrations
  • BRIDGE and Re-Integration Orientation – Monthly
  • Individual visits – by request